Benefits of joining ANTA

The Australian Natural Therapists Association Ltd (ANTA), established in 1955 is the largest multi modality national democratic Association of professional Natural and Traditional Therapists.

For over 60 years the ANTA name has been synonymous with “Quality” and “Peak Body of the Profession”.

ANTA is committed to Quality Assurance and Public Safety by maintaining the highest qualification and ethical standards.

As a democratic professional Association ANTA is governed by a Constitution and Code of Professional Ethics.

Members can attend and vote at ANTA general meetings and elect representatives on National Council (Board of Directors).

ANTA is an organisation listed in schedule one of the regulations of the Therapeutics Goods Act 1989.

ANTA Quality Policy

ANTA is a quality organisation and aims to deliver quality service at all times.

ANTA Mission Statement

ANTA’s mission is for Natural and Traditional Therapists to uphold and advance their standing within the community and to provide the public with best practice health care in all disciplines in Natural and Traditional Therapies.

Representing the Profession

Working with governments, researchers, educators, health funds, WorkCover authorities, professional organisations and like minded bodies, ANTA represents the interests of:

ANTA Supports Statutory Registration of Natural Therapists.

Recognised Professionals

Australian Taxation Office Private Ruling Authorisation Number 21966
“ANTA is a professional association that has uniform national registration requirements for practitioners of traditional medicine and natural therapies. Consequently practitioners who are members of ANTA will be considered to be recognised professionals for the purposes of paragraph 38-10(1)(b) of the GST Act”.

One Membership Fee covers all modalities.

GST-Free Services

ANTA Members are able to supply GST free services in accordance with the “GST Act” and in particular Section 38-10 (1) (B) of the “GST Act”.

High Standards

ANTA sets high standards and demanding codes of practice for Members and places strong emphasis on improving knowledge and skills.

Maintain the Quality and Investment of your Education
Graduates and practitioners who join ANTA are assured the considerable time, effort, money and dedication invested in their qualification and training is respected and maintained by ANTA.

To protect your investment, ANTA maintains a consistent, rigorous course assessment and recognition program that ensures that only courses that deliver quality education and training are recognised by ANTA.

ANTA does not have grand-parenting programs and only graduates and practitioners who have completed high standard courses recognised by ANTA are eligible to join ANTA.

Because of the high educational standards maintained by ANTA, it is reassuring to know that the considerable time, effort, money and dedication you have invested in your training and future is not devalued or compromised when you join ANTA.

ANTA recognises the requirements of specialist modality practitioners and modalities are represented by an ANTA Director.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) & National Seminars

ANTA organises regular high quality national seminars with free admission for ANTA Members and Student Members. ANTA has CPE guidelines and programs that enable members to complete a minimum of 20 hours CPE per annum.

Practitioner Referral Services

ANTA operates the following successful practitioner referral services for members:
  • ANTA Mobile App for Apple and Android devices.
  • Latest Integrated Computer database of ANTA members with variable search options
  • National public free call number for referral to ANTA practitioners
  • Website with facility for the public to search for an ANTA member by postcode, name or modality

Health Funds / Workcover Authorities

ANTA members are regarded as the benchmark in Natural and Traditional Therapies and as a result ANTA members are recognised nationally by over 50 Health Funds/WorkCover Authorities.

First Aid
ANTA members are required to have a current First Aid qualification. This requirement assists ANTA members in receiving extensive recognition by Health Funds and WorkCover authorities.

As a peak body representing the pinnacle of the profession, ANTA is represented and involved with all levels of Federal and State Government.

Support and Assistance
The ANTA National Administration Office is staffed by a team of full time staff and support and assistance is available to all ANTA Members during business hours Monday to Friday.

Full Professional Insurance Cover
Guild Insurance Limited have been appointed the preferred provider of Insurance for ANTA members. ANTA members are eligible to apply to participate in the Guild/ANTA Insurance facility with policies and premiums specifically developed to cover ANTA members for Professional Risks, Products Liability and General Public Liability. Guild Insurance Limited - 1800 810 213.

Professional Publication
“The Natural Therapist” is published and mailed to members quarterly. ANTA members are encouraged to submit articles for the publication.

Noticeboard and Classifieds
Notice board information and classified advertisements are available to members at no cost.

The ANTA website contains a vast amount of information about ANTA, ANTA Members and Natural and Traditional Therapies for the public, practitioners and members. There is a Members Centre which contains a large amount of information and services that members can access online. You will need to contact the National Administration Office to obtain your individual password to access the Members Centre. The ANTA website is updated regularly and the latest news and information is at member’s fingertips.

ANTA actively promotes and advertises the Association, ANTA members, practitioner referral free call number, website and ANTA activities on a national basis using mediums such as Health and Lifestyle publications, Exhibitions and Promotions.

Via the ANTA Member Centre, eMIMS provides its comprehensive and trusted medicines information in a wide variety of formats that enable the busy healthcare professional to access the right information at the right time and in the most appropriate way.

eMIMS gives you the latest information in a consistent, familiar format that is easy to use and gives you confidence and peace of mind when prescribing, dispensing or administering medications.

Members have free online access via the ANTA Member Centre to the latest IMgateway scientific information and monographs including:

  • 300 Herbs
  • 350 Diseases and Conditions
  • 250 Supplements
  • Treatment Options
  • Herb-Drug Interactions
  • Supplement-Drug Interactions
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Organ and Body Systems
  • Drug Induced Depletions
  • Evidenced Based/Peer Reviewed Information

Public and Media Exposure
As a national Association representing practitioners at the pinnacle of the profession ANTA is frequently called upon to comment on Natural and Traditional Therapies and public health issues.

ANTA members receive the following certificates:

  • Membership certificate
  • Accreditation certificate
  • Therapeutic Goods Advertising (TGA) certificate of exemption
  • Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists (ANRANT) certificate
  • Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council (CMPAC) registration certificate

ANTA Stationery
Upon receiving membership with ANTA members receive:

  • Complimentary official ANTA receipt book
  • Back issues of “The Natural Therapist”
  • Complimentary ANTA pen

Practitioner Colour Brochures

On the ANTA website there is a range of colour brochure templates covering all modalities that members can download and customise to suit their practice for FREE.

ANTA eNews
To enable members to receive information quickly on matters relating to the profession, ANTA Members will receive ANTA eNews.  Topics include media releases, latest government news, CPE notices, reports, health fund info etc. ANTA eNews is only available to ANTA members and your email address will be kept confidential and secure, together with your membership information, on the ANTA membership database.

ANTA National Bursary Awards $12,000

Each year ANTA provides 12 Bursary Awards of $1,000 each to students, graduates and practitioners who are undertaking further study. All students, graduates and practitioners who are studying are eligible to apply for an ANTA National Bursary Award of $1,000.

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